Marcela Magno (Argentina, b. 1966) is an artist working with a conceptual approach to the photographic medium. She studied Pedagogy at the Universitat de Barcelona, graduated in 1993. In 2016 made a Master in contemporary latin american photography in Lima, Perú. Since 2010 she has studied arts, philosophy and photography with severals teachers and artists. She is interested in the role of images to produce and transmit knowledge. She builds her work with materials that she transfers between spheres of different knowledge or disciplines. “I investigate, categorize, re-signify, execute minimal gestures by means of which an image that circulates in a certain field of knowledge moves and produces other multiple ways of seeing and thinking in visual contemporary culture. What I try to catch is a “spark” that is not seen on the surface, what is hidden behind appearances and that usually slips into the shadows of the void, in the interstices of the multiple fictions of the world that the images contribute to relate.” She received the Prize AAMEC of Argentinian contemporary photography (Museo Caraffa, Córdoba, Argentina) for her series Land (2017). In 2014 received a mention award in Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales, in Buenos Aires. She was awarded the Centro de la imagen Fellowship, Lima, Perú, 2016 and The Banco Santa Cruz Foundation in 2019 and 2010. In 2017, her artist book Land [1] was published with patronage of the government of Buenos Aires city. Her work is part of permanent museum collections including: The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Museo Caraffa, Córdoba Argentina; Museo Minnicelli, Santa Cruz, Argentina. Her photographs have been exhibited at several solo and group exhibitions in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, USA, Korea, Japan, and Italy. Marcela Magno work has been reviewed by Phmuseum, NanoFest, el Gran Otro magazine, Fototazo, Vector (Critical research in context. Post-photography), LAT Photo Magazine Nro 8, ReVista: The Harvard Review of Latin America, Bazar americano galleries and Revista Vice (Spain).